On Shelf Availability

Get Insights into Store-Level Operations.

About OSA+

On shelf availability is a crucial, but often-imprecise metric in retail data. OSA+ from ATLAS saves you time through the reduction of your store/item tasks by 50% or more, and provides automated monitoring.


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Targeted Tasks & Precise Results

Track out of stocks, zero sales, and ghost inventory through a platform that doesn’t care which retail service company you’re using.


How Does It Work?

OSA+ analyzes your items per store, per week, per day and compares current trends with the past performance of the item in that market and/or chain.

Once all of the real-time data and your custom parameters are in place, OSA+ determines intelligent tasks for your retail service representatives, which drastically improves the efficiency of your spend with retail service companies.




  • Reduce False Positives
  • Daily Zero Sales, Out of Stocks, Ghost Inventory, Promotional Compliance, and more
  • Complete OSA+ report suite inside of ATLAS
  • 90% Accuracy on Ghost Inventory
  • Reduce your store/item tasks 50% or more
  • Highly accurate and flexible algorithms
  • Daily dashboarding of retail coverage
  • Completely automated and managed Retail Service Monitoring

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