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About Trace

Your limited DSR will tell you that five units have been sold in the past week. OSA+ can tell you (without having to use an in-store rep) that the other 95 units haven’t made the shelf yet – after six days. OSA+ gives you a real-time look into compliance and sales numbers, and is 90% accurate on Ghost Inventory.

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Is Your Retailer Doing Their Part?

TRACE was designed to help answer a very important question: is your service company doing their part to move your products? TRACE technology enables the magic of OSA+ and Reporting Studio to collaborate on a mobile device, giving you the power to audit retailer and service company compliance at any time, whether you are onsite or in the office.


Up To Date Info On Your Mobile Device 

With the TRACE tool, your mobile device will have all of the latest information (not just “data”) at your fingertips. Then, you can examine specific stores and items to determine if your retail service company has been executing the smart tasks that OSA+ has generated.

Leverage TRACE to pick a store (or just walk right in) and drill down into any item in the store. See sales, past performance, projections, and more. TRACE also works for you automatically to keep updated on the movement (or lack of movement) of your retail service representatives. The mobile tool allows users to complete tasks, take pictures of issues, and even take notes.

And just like every ATLAS solution, TRACE is completely customizable to your needs.


  • Daily POS data
  • Upload photos
  • Leave notes
  • Real time audit results in ATLAS
  • Icon driven for exceptions and functions
  • Retail Service company results
  • Retail Service company To Do Tasks
  • Record audit results
  • All current and historical information such as sales, quantity, inventory, on orders, etc.

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